Household Solutions LLC

Cash Offer

The QUICKEST and EASIET way to sell your home is to a cash buyer. There are no financing delays, appraisal deadlines, or anything of the sort. Cash is cash, and when you're seriously ready to sell your home, then we're serious about buying.

Some folks like to shop around, talk to know-it-all Realtors, talk to their neighbors, and talk to their best friend's cousin's uncle's brother-in-law's roommates fiance (who's a real estate agent) before they make a decision. If that's you, great. Please come to us when you're finally sick of dealing with all those headaches.

For the rest of you that don't want to mess around and want a cash offer NOW....well.....we're here to help. We are not real estate agents that want to list your home and hope that it sells. We are CASH BUYERS, and we want to buy your house with our cash as quickly as possible. Times are tough, and if you're looking to be done with your mortgage payments, say, YESTERDAY, then it's time for a cash offer from us. Don't waste time with agents, the newspaper, the classifieds, or even trying the worthless For Sale By Owner sign. We can give you cash today. Call us now to find out how.