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What if I'm in bankruptcy, can you still buy my house?

Absolutely. If you in bankruptcy you may be in danger of foreclosure, the best step we advise you to take is to ACT NOW! Many people who face foreclosure opt to do nothing and hope for the best. Don't fall into that trap! Some homeowners choose to consult with an attorney when foreclosure is pending and perhaps you've considered that too. After all, attorneys are the experts, right? The truth is that many homeowners act on the advice of their attorneys and file bankruptcy, thinking that bankruptcy will solve their foreclosure and other financial problems. What really happens? Bankruptcy doesn't stop the foreclosure process, it only delays it! In most cases where homeowners file bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure, the property still ends up being auctioned away and now the homeowner has both a foreclosure and a bankruptcy on their credit report!! The only one who wins in that case is the attorney, who gets paid no matter what happens. Don't let this happen to you!!

In almost EVERY case, the best thing for the homeowner to do when faced with foreclosure is to SELL THE PROPERTY!! The exception of course is if the loss of income is temporary. Selling the property can help you avoid foreclosure and perhaps also a bankruptcy. Then you can get your life back on track without these issues weighing you down!

Household Solutions can bring your payments current OR pay you market value for your home, preserving the equity you have in your home. We can even help in situations where you may not have any equity in the property!

Don't delay! If your house payments are even a month or two behind and you haven't talked to your lender, chances are they have already started the foreclosure process. The more time that passes, the more late charges, legal fees, and interest you will be assessed for having payments that are not current. These fees will be added to your mortgage balance and slice into your hard-earned equity. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes for us to help you. We can prevent foreclosure and help you get on with your life. Call us now to find out how.