Household Solutions LLC

About Us

Household Solutions was born out of necessity in 2002 (officially incorporated in 2005). Too many homeowners along the Wasatch Front were losing their homes to foreclosure with no option, but to walk away. We saw that the banks were literally stealing thousands and thousands in equity from these homeowners by foreclosing on families then kicking them to the curb. This injustice was what inspired the formation of Household Solutions. We help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Sometimes that means we pay cash for a house, sometimes it means we take over payments, sometimes it means we buy the house on a short sale from the bank, somtimes we refer them to one of our real estate agent partners so they can sell their house for to dollar, and sometimes it means we help the homeowner reinstate their loan or work out a loan modification. Whatever the need, we have a solution.

Our knowledge and experience in the Utah real estate market is what sets us apart from everyone else. When you work with us, you are getting years and years of experience and the expertise that can only be gained through helping hundreds and hundreds of homeowners. On top of that, our network of attorneys, Realtors, appraisers, bankers, contractors, mortgage brokers, and title companies is ready and willing to serve you in any way possible. We are the one-stop answer to all of your real estate needs.